When working with Holiday Cottage Advice huge amounts of information are at your fingertips or are solved by a phone call.

From who to talk to about a website, to where to get the best mattresses, or how to deal with guest complaints we either have a paper and can talk you through it, or will go and find the answer.

Where we don't have the answer, we are not accountants or solicitors, we have connections to specialists in the South West who will have.

We regularly help organise Workshops where these experts attend and you are able to ask them questions, have a look at the Workshops tab to see when the next workshops are.

Each client will also get a monthly newsletter highlighting any key legislative or tax changes, plus any useful opportunities that are available for self caterers.

Over the years we have built up a comprehensive list of recommended suppliers. We have selected suppliers for the really important stuff like beds, mattresses and linen at one end of the spectrum to which companies to market with at the other.

Some of these suppliers will also offer discounts to Holiday Cottage Advice and other recommendations on fixtures and fittings can save thousands of pounds.

Updates on this list are provided to Clients in the monthly newsletter.